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I graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry in Zagreb. For nearly a decade, I worked in marketing and sales for large pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies. Today, I hold lectures and workshops regarding phyto-aromatherapy (the use of herbs for therapeutic purposes) and the production of natural cosmetics. In addition, I advise people on the appropriate use of herbs and write professional columns.


I graduated on Pharmaceutical botanics and I expected I was going to work with plants, but life went in another way. I started teaching pharmaceutical tehnology and cosmetics and working as Product Manager for Vichy. Working for major cosmetic company was truly rewarding, but now I am completely dedicated to natural cosmetics.

As a Master of Pharmacy, it is great that I can give lectures and run workshops in natural healing and making natural, hand-made cosmetics.


Frane Herenda, radionica izrade prirodne kozmetike, aromaterapija, prirodna kozmetika, farmaceut

Step by step I started giving lectures and holding workshops. Now I mostly give lecuters to other pharmacists and others. In co-operation with Archaeological Museum in Zadar I hold workshops in “Making Ancient Dalmatian Cosmetics”.

I was Manager of Education in leading croatian company in herbal and essential oils, Kemig (part of Fagron).

I held more than 150 lectures and worshops, with more than a thousand participants.

I lectured on many of symposia, like Oktal Eduka, Croatian Congress On Dermatopharmacy, inPharma etc.

Frane Herenda, izrada prirodne kozmetika, aromaterapija, radionice kozmetike, eterična ulja, biljna ulja, Pranarom



Writing is my love as well as teaching, so in columns I connect them. Writing and working with patients, forces me to learn more.