When we talk about natural remedies, we usually think of plants. Using evidence based knowledge of plants it’s called phyto-aromatherapy.

„Phyto“ represents using herbs in therapeutical purposes and „aroma“ means using essential oils. Essential oils, as very potent herbal extracts, have their own part in phyto-aromatherapy.

In therapeutical purposes we can use herbal infuses, essential oils, flower waters, herbal oils and other types of extracts. We are using plants, but as well probiotics and mushroom extracts.

French phyto-aromatherapy is complementary discipline mostly used by pharmacists and medical doctors.


I am truly dedicated to natural cosmetics. I held more than a hundred workshops regards how to make natural cosmetics in pharmacy or at your home.

Natural cosmetic usually has different scent from what you expect. Many of cosmetic brands that are marketed as “natural” or “organic” are far from real thing.

I teach people how to make creams, lotions, oil serums, tonics, balms, butters… from natural sources.

Natural cosmetics, as part of french aromatherapy, can be used in numerous treatments in dermatology. Many essential oils can be used for inflammation, viruses, bacteria, funghi, pain… and natural cosmetics (balms, oils, creams, lotions, butters…) are convinient way of transport in many conditions.

Essential and herbal oils have their indications, contraindications, precautions… and if you want to use essential oils, you should know proper dosage and concentrations.

But apart from the use in medical conditions, natural cosmetics can be greatly used for standard, daily use – for oily, problematic, dehidrated, dry skin or for anti-age effects.